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Amazing Inspirational People!

Explore the stories of our real-life heroes who have relaunched their lives for something more important. 

Jayson Sime: Rough Journey to Discover his Right to Shine!
With a rough start in life, including being homeless for a while as a child, Jayson was told college wasn't for him. Rather than cave to the narrative that he couldn't, Jayson graduated from college and launched a successful career in the political campaign world.

The high-stress career that he choose began to destroy his health and wellness until he discovered Yoga. Leaving the US, he taught and rejuvenated himself in Asia. Upon returning to the US, Jayson is now on a mission to help people and companies become the best that they possibly can be.
Kerri-Ann Appleton: A Panic Attack in Denver to a Fulfilling Life in Brazil
While life seemed fantastic, Kerri-Ann found herself under a water cooler at work having a panic attack. A journey of self-discovery to understand why led to expertise in neuroscience, meditation, yoga, Reiki and conscious living practices.

An opportunity to lead a team to Brazil sparked an unexpected love for this beautiful country. Over the next 18 months, Kerri-Ann began the process of leaving Denver, CO and moving to Rio de Janeiro where she coaches transformational change for women.
Amy Angelilli: Taking a Leap of Faith in an RV with 18 Cats!
When the time came for Amy to leave Philadelphia, she kept coming up short in the job search. Even after multiple job rejections, she packed up 18 cats and her ex-husband in an RV and moved to Denver.

The job came soon enough, and she excelled in her work in animal welfare, but something else began tugging her in a new direction. Today, Amy runs The Adventure Project and uses improv to help people improve their lives, careers, and relationships.

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About This Project

What makes someone step away from the narrative of how our lives should be lived?

You know, the story that begins with good grades to get into a good college to land that first job, and then move up the ladder, buy the big house, marry and produce those 2.5 beautiful children, while saving for a far-off retirement that may never happen.

This project seeks to discover why and how these real-life heroes break free of that mold to follow a different path to happiness and a fulfilling life. 

A Message From Shea Oliver

Those cubicle walls can feel like prison bars. Whether you dream of sailing around the world, starting your own business, or pursuing something bigger than yourself, someone has gone before you. I want to share their stories.

After 15 years as an unconventional entrepreneur, I'm launching this new project to explore amazing folks who have made a radical change in life to do something that brings them a deeper sense of fulfillment and authentic happiness. I'll be sharing their stories on social media, here on this website, and eventually in a book. 

I hope you'll follow along. Who knows what adventures await you!!!

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