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Rocky Detwiler: Losing Everything and Discovering the Power of Words
As a young man, Rocky achieved his dream of retiring young. Everything seemed wonderful in life until he discovered that he was a victim of a Ponzi scheme. He lost everything and ended up living in a treehouse.

Rather than giving up, Rocky began working on his physical fitness. Once his body improved, his mind began to understand how important words are in our lives. Today, he runs a company focused on using the power of words to inspire and encourage people to be their best.
Lena Wenzel: Pursuing Purpose in the Face of Unending Challenges
After 15 years in the real estate industry, Lena felt unfulfilled and knew that something in her life needed to change. As she pondered, her life unraveled. She was laid off from her job. Her ailing grandparents moved in with her and passed away. Her marriage failed, and she lost her home and car.

Undeterred, Lena decided to pursue a passion for architecture and design by returning to school. While back in school, an exciting option for her life emerged. Joining the Peace Corp enabled her to spend 3 1/2 years in Morocco and take stock of what was truly important in life.
Sarah Elkins: Life Will Challenge You, Especially If You Say Never!
Sarah started her life with a very clear, determined sense of what she wanted and what she absolutely didn't want. She planned to focus on her career and live a vibrant metropolitan lifestyle. She achieved those goals young.

Of course, life has a way of challenging us when we say "never," especially to things like getting married, having children, and living someplace we never intended. Happily married with children, Sarah calls Helena, Montana her home.
Dov Baron: Falling Off a Mountain and Finding His Life’s Purpose
As a total adrenaline junkie, climbing a 200-foot cliff without safety gear was an emotional rush. At 125 feet above the ground, a dislodged rock knocked Dov unconscious, and he fell to the ground, landing on and smashing his face.

Surviving the fall amplified the image Dov had constructed for himself. He was the tough guy, the leader, and stronger than any ordeal that he faced. However, on the inside, he was broken and spirling into a deep, dark depression, until he discovered his life's purpose.
Devin Thorpe: Becoming an Author and Champion of Social Good
In high school, Devin told his Dad that he wanted to be an author. His father replied, "that's not a job; you can't do that." Devin went on to become an expert in finance, building a stunning resume of accomplishments and positions.

However, his love of writing never left him. In 1998, he finished his first book but was unable to land a publisher. For over a decade, Devin kept those files knowing that self-publishing would become easy. Today, with five books self-published and with over 500 articles on, Devin is successfully living his dream.
Norma Kraft: Turning a Layoff into an Opportunity to Help Others
Toward the end of her career as a talent acquisition professional, Norma was laid off. Undeterred, she moved to Montana to be close to family and began job hunting. Discovering that companies in her new home state didn't need her level of expertise, she took a job as a recruiter.

Misery set in at the new job, and Norma knew that her life was meant for much more. She began doing exactly what she had helped so many others do - analyze their skill sets and plan their next steps. Norma's turned out to be starting her own business helping others with their careers.
Dean Jacobs: Leaving the Corporate World to Explore the World
Dean loved his job working in the corporate world for a major biopharmaceutical company. As his climb up the corporate ladder progressed, Dean began asking himself some critical questions about his life.

The answers resulted in Dean resigning his job and spending the next two years traveling around the world, visiting 28 different countries. Hundreds of adventures later, Dean inspires and encourages others to get out of the box of other peoples' expectations and live a life of wonder.
Barbara Hart: Happily Married, Working, and Living Aboard a Sailboat
Barbara fell in love with married EW Hart. On their 3rd date, he told her, "I sail and all of my friends sail." So, she learned to sail, and they bought and restored two sailboats.

After 9-11 and some personal challenges, Barbara and EW looked at their lives and asked themselves what they truly wanted. They found the answer, sold their house, bought La Luna (a 47-foot sailboat), and moved aboard in 2003. After 8 years in Maine, they slipped the lines and have been sailing the waters of the Caribbean and Florida ever since.
Rin Nelson: Living Her Journey and Helping Others Find Their Worth
Rin was not a healthy child. By the time she was an adult, she was overweight and wondering why she couldn't feel better. Driven by a desire to help others, she moved and changed jobs often.

At the breaking point of life, wondering if life was worth living, Rin made a choice. An examination of her entire life and wellbeing led to a move back to Colorado and a love for being outdoors. Today, Rin leads hiking groups and is helping others discover how amazing they genuinely are.
Jayson Sime: Rough Journey to Discover his Right to Shine!
With a rough start in life, including being homeless for a while as a child, Jayson was told college wasn't for him. Rather than cave to the narrative that he couldn't, Jayson graduated from college and launched a successful career in the political campaign world.

The high-stress career that he choose began to destroy his health and wellness until he discovered Yoga. Leaving the US, he taught and rejuvenated himself in Asia. Upon returning to the US, Jayson is now on a mission to help people and companies become the best that they possibly can be.
Kerri-Ann Appleton: A Panic Attack in Denver to a Fulfilling Life in Brazil
While life seemed fantastic, Kerri-Ann found herself under a water cooler at work having a panic attack. A journey of self-discovery to understand why led to expertise in neuroscience, meditation, yoga, Reiki and conscious living practices.

An opportunity to lead a team to Brazil sparked an unexpected love for this beautiful country. Over the next 18 months, Kerri-Ann began the process of leaving Denver, CO and moving to Rio de Janeiro where she coaches transformational change for women.
Amy Angelilli: Taking a Leap of Faith in an RV with 18 Cats!
When the time came for Amy to leave Philadelphia, she kept coming up short in the job search. Even after multiple job rejections, she packed up 18 cats and her ex-husband in an RV and moved to Denver.

The job came soon enough, and she excelled in her work in animal welfare, but something else began tugging her in a new direction. Today, Amy runs The Adventure Project and uses improv to help people improve their lives, careers, and relationships.
Pam Moore: Focusing on Who You Really Are Even When You Don’t Feel It
Growing up in Rhode Island, Pam headed off to college to pursue an interest in medicine and secure her future with a good job. Deciding that being a doctor nurse wasn't her, she became an occupational therapist.

Despite a passion for cycling, she never considered herself an athlete. While she loved writing, she never thought of herself a writer. After a few changes in life, she realized that she was both and today is an expert on Impostor Syndrome.
Debra Jason: Discovering the “Write Direction” for Her Life
After six years in college to become a speech therapist and working in the school system, Debra found herself rather unhappy. She transitioned into the fashion industry and then into the direct marketing world.

She'd followed the world's advice, go to school, get good jobs, but it wasn't working out as well as she'd hoped. When a recession made finding a job difficult, Debra discovered an opportunity to change her life and started her first business.
Bruno Kongawoin: Nurturing a Love of Authentic Portrait Photography
Born in the Central African Republic and moved as a boy to France, Bruno got a chance to come to the US for high school and to play basketball. A successful high school career led to success in college, and eventually a position in the NBA.

But life doesn't go as planned, and an injury playing for his national team derailed Bruno's basketball career. He became a CPA and entrepreneur. Moving around the globe sparked a new passion for Bruno, and he changed his path to becoming a professional photographer!
Nate Regier: Transforming How the World Approaches Conflict
As a little boy in Africa, watching his father confront and calm the village's demon-possessed person while the person was throwing furniture in a growing inferno, Nate knew that he wanted to be able to work with people in difficult situations.

A Ph.D. in psychology, a good career, and multiple leadership positions failed to fill a growing void. Then one day, Nate realized there was a path to fulfill his dreams of impacting people as powerfully as his father had done.
Arieann DeFazio: The Unchaperoned Child at a Birthday Party
Despite a difficult childhood, Arieann started her adult life motivated and driven to be successful. Multiple degrees. On the leadership team of multiple companies. From the outside, she appears insanely successful.

Her real story is one of contradictions, challenges, and struggles. Today she is focused on integrating the adult and the child, as she runs another company and works to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.
Brooke Chesnut: Finding Success by Failing To Summit Mount Everest
At age 60, almost to the summit of Mount Everest, Brooke took off his gloves to adjust some equipment. The next day, his pinky fingertips were black. Shortly thereafter, curled up in a fetal position in a hotel in Kathmandu, he was emotionally crushed.

Brooke's decision to leave the mountain saved his fingers, but his experience climbing Everest and four of the other Seven Summits guides his expertise in developing successful cross-generational teams.
LIL•FRESH⚡️SAM: Dropping Out of College for Fashion
The first of her family to ever go to college, Sam was carrying a heavy weight. She worked hard but knew deep in her heart that she wasn't in the right place.

Despite a limited background in business, Sam launched her first company the day after dropping out of school. Today, her brands can be found on Rodeo Drive, on runway fashion models, and on some of the biggest names in Hollywood!
Tommy Gaessler: Successfully Following a Passion to Create with Code
Dodging his the counselors at his college-prep high school, Tommy already knew the direction that he wanted for life. He'd discovered and fallen in love with computer coding.

To pursue his passion, Tommy had to make a choice. Either he would head to university and get a traditional degree or do something completely different. Tommy's choice led him to Galvanize, and quickly to his first job and an opportunity to learn at TechStars!
Brendan Leonard: Quitting IBM to Become A Full-Time Adventure Writer
Starting in the world of professional journalism, Brendan Leonard eventually found himself with an amazing work-from-home job with IBM. While he enjoyed the work with Big Blue, it really wasn't who he was.

Using most of his life savings, he bought a van, moved out of his apartment and began to travel the American West, pursue outdoor adventures in his free time. However, to fulfill his dream, he had to give up the big salary, the benefits, and the security.
Sharon Gill: Six-Figure CEO Resigns To Feed The Homeless
At the top of her game, Sharon Gill was growing a wildly successful law firm. From the outside, everything was picture perfect. On the inside, Sharon was struggling with a great emptiness.

Her faith led her to two days of fasting, seeking the answers to fill what was missing in her life. She walked away from a six-figure income to start a food pantry for the homeless and downtrodden.
Limoges Teenagers: Skipping High School To Travel the World
Imagine your parents asking you if you want to skip high school to travel the world. You'd have to give up hanging out with friends, sports, clubs, and going to homecoming and prom.

Katheryn, Kennedi, and Benjamin Limoges answered YES! While it took a year to go from idea to execution, the Limoges teenagers have experienced the ups and downs of travel and experienced new cultures while traveling with Mom and Dad.
Paul and Tammie Limoges: Traveling the World with Teenagers
Paul and Tammie Limoges lived a comfortable suburban life with good jobs, a nice house, and three wonderful children. They'd fallen in love while touring with an international group and always planned to travel the world with their children.

The children grew into teenagers and the travel never happened. Until one day, one of the daughters shared a YouTube video. A series of events was set into motion that would put them on the path to living their dreams.
Roni Lambrecht: Creating Grace from an Unthinkable Tragedy
Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking, dreadful events that any parent can imagine. Roni and her husband, John, lost their only son, Dalton, a few months before his 16th birthday.

Even while overwhelmed with unfathomable grief, they knew in their hearts that they had to honor Dalton. Rather than focusing on the challenges of losing a child or joining the chorus of other in dealing with loss, Roni struck out on a different path. Through books, social media, and speaking engagements, Roni's mission is to help other parents become better parents.
Karl Schroeder: Defining Moments and Being in Your Integrity
"What will it take to keep you?" The moment that the CTO asked the question, Karl knew that despite loving that company and what he was doing, his path was now leading in a different, completely uncharted direction.

From living in his car to falling 25 feet while rock climbing to abandoning a college basketball scholarship, Karl's story is one of defining moments, honest introspection, and "being in his integrity."
André van Hall: Blindness, Cancer, and Tenacious Curiosity
Being the CEO of the prestigious Denver Athletic Club suited André van Hall. His storied career in the hospitality industry spanned three continents and the world's finest hotels. He was at the peak of his game. Until the day tragedy struck.

Resting at the top of the mountain, after beating his riding companions to the top, André's optic nerve suffered an irrecoverable injury. Blindness was only two weeks away and was followed shortly by a diagnosis of cancer that was metastasizing. Losing his prestigious job and battling for his life, André made a discovery and is now sharing it with the world.
Lila Smith: Abandoning Broadway for a Bigger Life
Finding success on Broadway was simply the path of life that Lila Smith was taking. She was an actor. She started at a young age, progressed through school to finally achieving full membership in the Actors' Equity Association. Yet something was still missing.

A few years working in the corporate world taught Lila that she had something no one else in the corporate world did. Her professional acting training and experience gave her the ability to communicate better than anyone around her. A fateful day - one phone call and 7 hours later Lila moved across the country to start her new life!
Laura Shanley: Doctor’s Daughter To Unassisted Childbirth Advocate
Laura's family was entrenched in the medical community. Her father was a doctor, her mother was a medical researcher, and her sister was a labor and delivery nurse. That she would reject a modern approach to giving birth was almost unthinkable.

However, a chance encounter in college propelled Laura on a path that was in direct opposition to her family and the entire medical community. One that's put her in the forefront of a revolution in thinking.
Brad Cochrane: Facing Age Discrimination by Leveling Up!
After a layoff, Brad Cochrane ran head first into serious age discrimination. Motivated to return to the corporate world, Brad spent years pushing to get back to his old life.

As he realized that his corporate days were over, Brad took an honest look at himself and the world. In a moment of inspiration, he realized that he had some huge to offer. In his words, he "leveled up," and begin to change the world.
Heather J. MacKenzie: Fortune 10 Executive Transforming Human Connections
Living the life of a powerful Fortune 10 healthcare executive, Heather was the very definition of success. However, she knew that her purpose in life was something greater.

A workplace sexual assault radically shook her world. Rejecting a 7-figure settlement, Heather dove into a new life, focused on how to give voice to the marginalized and so much more!
Katie Zombro: Engineering Superstar to Girls-In-STEM Advocate
Katie Zombro left university with a degree in electrical engineering and within a year was managing projects all around the world, but something was tugging deep inside her. She wanted to do something more important.

In engineering school, she was often the only female in her classes. Her experience is driving her to advocate for girls in STEM and looking for opportunities to improve education for all kids.
Phil Cerdorian: Cigarette Sales to Psychotherapy
Phil left university with what many graduates dream of - a good paying job. He was wearing suits, driving a company car, and enjoying an expense account. But something wasn't right.

Phil ditched the job, headed to Mardi Gras, bounced to Florida, then to a beach in Jamaica. In his search to find who he really was, he joined a Yoga Ashram. Decades later, Phil's life is dedicated to helping others.