LIL•FRESH⚡️SAM: Dropping Out of College for Fashion

The first of her family to ever go to college, Sam was carrying a heavy weight. She worked hard but knew deep in her heart that she wasn't in the right place.

Despite a limited background in business, Sam launched her first company the day after dropping out of school. Today, her brands can be found on Rodeo Drive, on runway fashion models, and on some of the biggest names in Hollywood!

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Shea Oliver: Hi, I am Shea Oliver. Welcome to The Priority Paradigm. I’m sharing stories of amazing people who have made radical changes in their life for something more important. Today, I’m joined by Lil Fresh Sam and she’s got an amazing story to tell you. So, without further ado, Lil Fresh Sam, tell us your story.

Lil Fresh Sam: Alright. Well thank you for having me. So, I’ll begin when I was like about 19 years old and I had the choice of continuing college in business which I wasn’t passionate about or dropping out and doing what I love and, you can assume what I chose right? So, I dropped out of college a semester later and I started my company the next day.

Lil Fresh Sam: So, I started a clothing brand called INFATUÉ™ and I decided, I thought of the name when I was in eighth grade and I was sitting in computer lab and trying to figure out the word or a way to describe my love for fashion and infatuated was the only way I could come up with right? So, it’s in fact it was actually infatuated in French, and I had no idea what I was doing to be honest with you. I don’t come from entrepreneurs I don’t come from artists, you know, we grew up in Thornton, Colorado, like I mentioned a little bit earlier. Like if you’re into fashion out there you go and work at Nordstrom you know and so, but that’s not what I wanted.

Lil Fresh Sam: I wanted more and so I made the decision to drop out and I started the company the next day and I failed so many times for about six years. I failed and learned so much. I didn’t have the money, or you know, or the investment upfront as a 19-year-old to start a company. So, I tried, I started doing everything myself you know as I began and just figure it out as I went so like I said I failed so many times because of that and I learned how to pretty much almost every aspect of the company you know Just with real-life experience and running one from marketing to graphic design to video editing and you know even how to now to do bookkeeping you know like just uh making it work you know so then I started the brand and the you know growing up in Colorado there is not a lot of resources for fashion right?

Lil Fresh Sam: So, I reached out to like you know any little seamstresses made post to like grandma’s like hey like anybody want to like help me sew? Like, I need help. I got referred a friend and she, actually it’s so crazy, so we ended up actually making my first collection ever, but she didn’t actually speak English. She spoke Spanish and I didn’t speak Spanish, I only spoke English, so we created this whole collection speaking one word to each other.

Shea Oliver:  Really, Wow!

Lil Fresh Sam: It was crazy, and it actually turned out really great. So that’s how I created my first collection with very little resources and money. I sold out my first show I think we had like 500 people in attendance. It was really cool and then just you know, kept going and learning. I started doing screen print and just, you know, anything that I could to create with what I had. And screen printing is, you know, a thing in Denver you know is very, a lot of companies that do that, so that was around when I started and then I realized that I was kind of like sacrificing my real vision which was being able to spend time, and you know, more than, you know, like a couple hours to design a mass product, mass production t-shirt, and so I wanted to like my goal, and what I really love to do is, I love to like spend 10 to 20 hours on one piece and like really make it intricate. Like that’s what inspires me, you know, intricacy.

Lil Fresh Sam: So, I went back to like what I really wanted to do and that was you know spend that time and so I started creating these like one-of-a-kind jackets and I created my first one-of-a-kind jacket in 2014, and I had no idea what it was going to be back then. And fast forward four years today, you know, they’re like on red carpets and in show rooms on, you know, being sold on Melrose in LA and just gained a new store in downtown LA. So, they’re really you know now a trendy piece and staple of fashion right now and so it was really cool, and I had no idea when I was starting that this is what it was going to be and since then I’ve also become a wardrobe stylist, a speaker, and also a designer for other brands. So just like I said all self-taught and just apparently ran off passion and the desire to get everything I ever wanted you know?

Shea Oliver: That is fantastic. That is such a cool story. Let’s go back to college. So, you, also being in Colorado I’m sure the message that you heard was, well if you want to go down a path whatever it is; fashion if it is a business you should get a business degree?

Lil Fresh Sam: Right

Shea Oliver: I’m assuming that was the message that you got prior from counselors and other people?

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah. Well you know they told me to like they told me to go to college you know when you get hit with that question when you’re in your senior year like a month from graduating high school and they’re like what do you want to do for the rest of your life and you’re supposed to figure it our right then. You say Yeah, I couldn’t, and I was so torn I was like what do I do like I want to make my parents proud but I’m so…. I know I don’t want to do anything else other than fashion. But like my like everybody told me I couldn’t do it like everybody was like come on Sam be realistic like you’re in you, you know like do you know where you’re from like you know just I had everybody against me except for one teacher and she was like Sam you could be whatever you want to be and she actually set up like interviews with fashion schools and that’s what pushed me so that’s ah yeah, I went to business schools because I was actually trying to make my family proud and I just figured like, business ok I could maybe roll with that, you know.

Shea Oliver: So, you come to this point where you are going to school and you know it’s wrong.

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah.

Shea Oliver: What did your family say when?

Lil Fresh Sam: When I dropped out?

Shea Oliver: Well I’m going to drop out and do my thing?

Lil Fresh Sam: I don’t remember the exact words. I wish I do or did, but I remember I worked with my mom at the time, right? And I was going to college in between working a full-time job. And you know I would go on my lunch breaks all these things and it was really inconvenient, it wasn’t like a typical kid in college where they get like go to college full time you know. So, it was one already and you know they saw my dedication and like my work ethic since I was a kid, I’ve been a really hard worker, so I don’t think they were disappointed in like me but at the same time they were because they wanted me to go to college. I was going to be the first one to ever go.

Shea Oliver: Oh! Ok yea!

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah! They weren’t happy, but they weren’t like mad at me, they were you know they weren’t supportive, but they weren’t discouraging either.

Shea Oliver: Interesting. So, what did that feel like being in a situation where you had to tell the people you love that you were going to disappointed them?

Lil Fresh Sam: It sucked. Yeah! I mean you know. I don’t know if I, I don’t know I am… one of my biggest goals in life was as a kid, as a young adult was to always just make my parents proud you know. So, like with that being said it was really hard because I was going to take all that away, you know, and like I know that was going to be what made them proud, and there’s a lot of other personal things like where you know other people in my family. I felt didn’t make them proud, so I really like wanted to step in and make them proud, so it was a really hard thing because yeah so with all those factors being said I still didn’t anyways.

Shea Oliver: Why?

Lil Fresh Sam: Because it’s my life and I have to live it for the rest of my life and I couldn’t imagine, I tried man I probably, my mom this is another thing. My mom, she’ll have to testify to this but, and it’s funny, I’ll never forget her words because I would go from job to job to job because I couldn’t like it wasn’t that I wasn’t a good worker or loyal, I just couldn’t like handle working for someone full-time when I knew what I really wanted, you know. So, the same thing about college, you know, like I couldn’t, I couldn’t. I was disappointing myself even more you know by staying with it rather than doing what I knew I should.

Shea Oliver: Sure, absolutely, absolutely. So, did you have any friends that were with you around the college time that were supportive or any that were not supportive when you decided to leave?

Lil Fresh Sam: Hum! No. I didn’t go to college with any of my friends. Actually this is something else that I don’t really talk about too much, but I will love to share because you know back to school you know and I think a big misconception we have is that if our GPA is lower, we don’t get an A in every course, that we’re dumb or we’re less of, right, and that was what I thought because I wasn’t good in school. I barely passed high school, I sucked at math and so, yeah, I just I don’t know, I didn’t… there wasn’t anything else for me you know.

Shea Oliver: So, you sucked at math?

Lil Fresh Sam: I did.

Shea Oliver: And now you’re doing your books?

Lil Fresh Sam: My books?

Shea Oliver: Your financials for your company.

Lil Fresh Sam: I just hired a CPA yesterday.

Shea Oliver: Ok but you had six years.

Lil Fresh Sam: I know.

Shea Oliver: Who has been doing your books?

Lil Fresh Sam: So maybe I should have paid more attention in business school. No, I’m just kidding but…

Shea Oliver: No

Lil Fresh Sam: I will be honest, again I don’t, I didn’t really take the business seriously until recently when I realize that what it could be. I was so driven by being able to, by you know being out of those jobs and being free and being a being free to create every single day like that was literally my goal was to do what I love every single day for the rest of my life. And so, I achieved that and then I started to realize like oh! I could have like probably been a million-dollar company by now if I would have kept track of my books and cared about the business side and you know do all those right things that I was supposed to do I just was so driven by that my passion rather than money.

Shea Oliver: Sure. But you’re still able to pay the taxes each year and get the taxes filed and yourself and actually eat food and so the lack of, so you’re being bad at math in high school didn’t translate in complete failure on your books in terms of basic math, your company’s books?

Lil Fresh Sam: Not at all. I mean basic math is basic math, right? Like all I needed was a fifth-grade education to be able to keep my books tracked and everything else I learned after that I don’t know what I was learning is like fives ways to do multiplication and I don’t know what else you know like nothing necessary in my opinion.

Shea Oliver: Certainly, certainly so as you’ve gone down this path and spent a number of years just kind of enjoying being in your space where you’re getting to do what you want to do, not necessarily focusing on the business, what was the experience like telling your family about what you were doing and did they feel like you were, I don’t want to say wasting your time, but you now left school and you’re doing something that you’re passionate about but it doesn’t look like it’s super productive?

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah! Man, I’ll never like oh! It’s funny when you asked me this question it brought back a memory that was asked almost like I’ll know forever probably like five years into me starting the company, my parents thought every night when I went, when I left my house, that I was going out, right but I was literally going every single day, like I’ve worked probably 10 to 12 hours since I was 19. Like, I’m a really hard worker but they thought I was going out to party and are going to these things and they had no idea so they for the longest time, in my opinion, thought I was kind of crazy, and now that I’ve gotten older and understand maybe some of where they’re coming from, they just wanted me to be safe and secure and like have a future, you know, that they were comfortable with as well. And, you know them not being entrepreneurs, they didn’t know that it was possible, you know, and yeah my dad was one of those people, one of the main ones, like forever in my head, “Come on Sam be realistic.” Like, he’s the one that said that, and I don’t blame him you know because that was unrealistic, you know. In his mind, and now that I am able to show them that it’s not, it’s been really, really cool. And I’ve definitely gained a lot more support from them. But one moment one memory of mine is in 2014 or 12, I forget I got introduced to Wu-Tang at one of their New Year’s Eve party in Denver, and they brought me back stage and like Method Man and his wife loved my brand and were rocking it. He like wore it in a bunch of videos and stuff. And that was one of the moments, one of the first, one of the first few celebrities that had wore my brand, and it was so early on, and I remember coming home and telling my parents about it. I was so excited, you know, I didn’t even like care for Wu-Tang that much but they’re legend. So, I was like that’s what like guess who I dressed last, guess who likes my brand and their response was well did you get paid? And you know, so like I totally understand where they were coming from but that’s what I was dealing with like the first four to five years of my career it was it was tough.

Shea Oliver: How did you deal with that, I mean, you had, a I don’t want to say a negative influence, but a non-supportive influence that was with you every day and yet you were going on a different path. How did you do that?

Lil Fresh Sam: I know what I am capable of and I know like from an early age that I had I have something, and I believe everyone of us has this in us. And I believe that I have a greatness in me that like I only can see right like there’s that quote that you can’t expect other people to see your vision because God gave it to you. And so, I would use… like honestly man, it was really hard that was probably the most challenging things I’ve got over. And it took you know being able to talk to friends, like I had a really great support system team wise and friends. And you know I learned early on to surround myself with people like-minded, and yeah that helped me a lot. Like my people really helped me a lot and I gained you know I have my family and I also have my team which is my family you know and my friend that are my family. So, I’m just supporting myself surrounding myself with supportive people is what got me through as well as you know just knowing and believing so much in myself.

Shea Oliver: The depth of belief is awesome, and it’s obviously gotten you someplace, but on that path were there times where went damn I probably should get the business degree and be realistic?

Lil Fresh Sam: Never. Even to this day I’ve literally dedicated my entire life to this and I will forever like I know my purpose, finally. And it was to do what I’m doing you know, and just I have never ever had a plan B. I’ve gotten to a point where I had $20 and I had to choose between fabric and food, and like I’ve chosen fabric you know and that’s forever my life like I will die doing this like I’m determined.

Shea Oliver: That is that is so, so cool. So, as you went through the process of leaving high school, starting college what did the first day of class felt like as you walked on to toward your first class?

Lil Fresh Sam: These are really good questions that I haven’t thought about ever in my entire life. Um, it wasn’t fun I remember, I, you know, I didn’t go to college with any of my friends because I went to a community college, and I waited a year I took a year off after high school. So, all my friends were already in their second year, it was unfamiliar. It was… I’m I was I was a shy person, so you know just it wasn’t fun I was I forced myself to do it, and you know I did it with a great attitude and open mind to like learn. But why I made that decision to quit or not even quit I’d say, but drop out, and it wasn’t for me, was because I was going to class, right, spending an hour and a half listening to a professor read to me out of this textbook, and then I would go home and read out of that textbook for homework. And then I’d come back and repeat. And I’m just like ok well I would rather invest this three grand I’m paying you to read out of a book, and no offense you know, but like I’m going to invest this three grand I’m paying you to read to me into my own company, and that’s when I decided that it was time to just do it.

Shea Oliver: So…

Lil Fresh Sam: I never liked college never liked it wasn’t like fun for me.

Shea Oliver: Sure. So, you knew deep down inside when you walked in that first day that this was not the path.

Lil Fresh Sam: It was temporary, yeah! It was temporary.

Shea Oliver: So, as you went through those first classes in school and you got closer and closer to your decision to leave school, what were you going through inside? What was is feeling like as you got in the direction that you knew you needed to go?

Lil Fresh Sam: You know I didn’t even know that was the direction I needed to go I had no idea at the time. It was a risk that I was willing to take though. You know, unless you were born into an entrepreneurship family or a designer family or a family of money, I feel like you’d never really have that guarantee of knowing, right, like what if because I didn’t have a cushion or like a you know plan B even. So, I didn’t you know I just knew that literally I could not spend my entire life doing anything other than fashion. And I always fell back onto that, and I mean what I would do like I worked like three jobs like I went so many years without sleeping, eating good like just so I could do fashion and that. And I still to this day you know like I said dedicated my entire life and sacrificed a lot for it. And I just think that with that amount of passion and dedication like one: I can’t lose if I don’t give up and two: there’s just no other thing for me in the world. You know, like, I know that for a fact, and when I weeks upon you know before leaving college I didn’t I don’t really remember it too well like so it wasn’t a big deal for me I think it was just more you know of disappointing my family because I didn’t care like I wasn’t invested in it I wasn’t sad or disappointed. And it what it didn’t feel like a failure either I didn’t feel like I was quitting something because in the beginning I didn’t even want to start it.

Shea Oliver: Interesting perspective. So, just out of curiosity did you quit mid semester did you finish the semester?

Lil Fresh Sam: Well, I finished one semester.

Shea Oliver: Ok. So, you and then you decided no this isn’t my path.

Lil Fresh Sam: Correct.

Shea Oliver: So, after you told your parents and they got through some of the disappointment, how did you feel knowing you weren’t going back down a path that wasn’t yours?

Lil Fresh Sam: You know, like I really didn’t know like ok so it’s so weird because you’re making me realize a lot, or you’re… this is so great questions… I’ve never been asked before in any interview and so you’re making me realize things about myself I’d never thought about and so going back to your question which was can sorry can you repeat the question?

Shea Oliver: Sure. So, you were, you’re done with school and the parents…

Lil Fresh Sam: I’m not going back…

Shea Oliver: And you’re not going back. What did that feel like as you’re headed down this unknown path? But you know, what did it feel like?

Lil Fresh Sam: Right, so at that point I didn’t even know that fashion was my path even though I had all this confidence that I was like this is what I meant for. Like I was being told that I couldn’t do this. It was impossible Sam and like the fashion industry is the most competitive industry in the world. And like that’s like come on like you know that this is just a dream in the cloud and like I need to be back brought to earth right? So, I like I still as much as I knew how much I loved fashion, I didn’t believe that I could achieve it at that point still. It took a while, it took a long like probably like three or four years into the brand of really truly believing that I could. But, feeling of never having to go back I’m sure you know, you could imagine it was a great feeling, but I knew that it was just the beginning of a really long journey as well you know. And I know idea what I was doing so the next day I dropped out you know I still had my job so I came back to work and you know right next alongside my mom I don’t remember if that was an awkward day or not. I just remember I was so determined, so like literally all day at work I spent my time like, my watch my you know I stayed late and I just was researching on Google the first thing I typed in was “how to start a clothing line.” And from there like that’s how I started. I started. I created a logo, I found a graphic designer, trademarked it and like just did those things that like you know I guess I technically didn’t know that I was supposed to do early on, but I did.

Shea Oliver: You figured it out?

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah.

Shea Oliver: That is extremely, extremely cool. So, you’ve made some huge changes here recently too?

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah, yes.

Shea Oliver: So, tell me a little bit about what you’ve done in the I guess in the last few weeks. What have you done?

Lil Fresh Sam: Oh! my gosh! It’s been crazy so yeah, it’s been an interesting specifically interesting three weeks. I in the last three weeks alone I did a really cool interview that was aired on Univision or Univision (Spanish accent). I threw a party, my first party, pop-up shop in Los Angeles last Friday and yesterday I signed to a talent management company…

Shea Oliver: Cool.

Lil Fresh Sam: I don’t know man it’s been a crazy three weeks. That’s those are the top three things that come to my mind.

Shea Oliver: So, you’re in LA now you’re no longer in Colorado?

Lil Fresh Sam: Yes.

Shea Oliver: When did you make the decision to go out to LA?

Lil Fresh Sam: Without going too deep into this, I actually moved to Los Angeles in 2015 knowing that I kind of hit my ceiling in Denver. I had styled everybody that I wanted to style. I, you know, was running out of… like I wanted to do the next step in my brand, but I didn’t have the resources. It’s not a fashionable state my brand wasn’t like selling out there although it was selling it wasn’t selling out like it was in LA. So, I moved to Los Angeles in 2015, packed up my car, figure like decided literally two weeks before I left, I was in Hawaii with my family on vacation. I was like I’m just going to do it like I just gotta do it and if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. So, I was 23 years old and I packed up I had a little Honda Civic I just had gotten in a car accident totaled my car they gave me like 4 grand in return and I was like ok I’m going. I’m taking this 4 grand and I’m just going to figure it out. So, I packed up my car and moved out there alone I didn’t know what I was doing what I was getting myself into what… like I didn’t really have a plan, I just knew that I was going to make it work. And I did, and it was crazy I was like within nine months I was styling red carpets, had styled Iggy Azalea for a magazine cover, was working, living like the life I had always thought, I dreamed of right.

Lil Fresh Sam: And then, I was on set one day and I got a call from my mom and it was really odd, she didn’t sound like herself, she ended up telling me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. And my mom is like my world like my mom means everything to me. So, as you can imagine, it crushed my world I didn’t know what I like It just switched everything up. So, I ended up moving back home. I wanted to be there for her. And yeah, that was probably like one of the worst times in my entire life like I was at an ultimate low. I had like refigure out my business. I had to move back to a city I knew there wasn’t a job for me. And before that I was barely you know I was making it work in Denver not working a full-time job probably like three years before moving to Los Angeles, but it was hard you know I was doing freelance whatever would pay.

Lil Fresh Sam: And anyways just moving back to a city that one; didn’t have money for me, two; didn’t like opportunity and then my mom was dealing with that and just being able to you know. I went crazy I remember like “you tubing” all night how to cure her like what can I do like that I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t help her and so it was really, it was really defeating, and so you know what I’ve learned now is with every bad situation everything you know bad that happens to you is an opportunity to grow or learn, and what that helps me learn that I now see is I actually that’s when I started to decide to take my brand in another direction. And I started one; making clothing with purpose. So, every jacket I make and every piece of clothing I make has a story behind or a meaning right. I made a whole conceptual collection called “Robes of Heroes” and dedicated to her. And it was a whole thing, like, I made a nonprofit organization because what I learned when you know I wanted to donate some of the proceeds from my collection to a Breast Cancer Awareness organization. But then doing research I realized that unfortunately there aren’t as great as I thought they were and most of their funds go to overhead that shouldn’t be there and so I didn’t take that route and I decided to just start my own nonprofit. And I started taking… she was the first one…  but the goal with the nonprofit was to take out cancer survivors on a shopping spree. They got a facial, hair style, personal massage like, like a bunch of things to like uplift them right because I learned through fashion that we I had the power and think you know I mean now I say thank God that this had happened because I wouldn’t have learned this, but I got to see through this the power that fashion had on people by putting you in your favorite outfit every day and the confidence and the uplift that that gave you. And so, my life changed my life changed and so with that being said I had stayed in Denver from 2015 to like April of this year and I just moved back out now, and she’s fully cured she, she beat it, she survived it yeah double mastectomy she’s a champ.

Shea Oliver: Very happy to hear that.

Lil Fresh Sam: Yeah! It’s been, it’s been great and life-changing you know for all of us and good and bad but in a lot of great ways. So now here I am back in Los Angeles and ready to go full force and like yeah.

Shea Oliver: Cool. You have an awesome story and thank you so much for sharing that part about your mom and how that changed your life and the direction that it’s giving you that is that is really powerful. I appreciate that. So, if you were able to go back and talk that young lady who was about to head to college, what would you tell her?

Lil Fresh Sam: What I tell them every day when they ask me or when they see me, I just literally got off a call mentoring a kid right before this one. And I keep it real with em, because I would have I want to be that person that I wish I had when I was 19 years old, and you know I take time with them and I really get to know what they want, what they truly want in life and what their passion is right, and most times it’s not what they’re going to college for and they just go to make their parent happy which is a common trend I’m learning. And so, what I would tell the girl going to college, possibly, is like I said what is your passion like what do you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, and like what do you truly want. Because like I said, most people go for other reasons. And so I’m not going to discourage college, and I’m not going to say that’s not the right thing to do because it’s different for everybody and I encourage like learning, like by the way I want to get this point across that I don’t at all discourage learning, I learned every single day all day I, I just that there’s a lot of free resources that aren’t going to trap us for the rest of our life you know what I mean?

Shea Oliver: Sure.

Lil Fresh Sam: So, not against college at all, I love college, I love learning, but I feel like there are other ways for other people.

Shea Oliver: Absolutely, absolutely agree with you. That’s, that’s very cool. So, with these conversations, you’re getting to have with younger people let me put you in a situation where you only have an opportunity to tell somebody who’s at a crossroads, who’s trying to decide you know whatever the decision is, you can only tell them one thing, what are you going to tell them?

Lil Fresh Sam: Listen to your heart because it knows what it wants you know.

Shea Oliver: Very, very good. Do you think you’ve listened to you heart you whole life?

Lil Fresh Sam: Not my whole life but now I do.

Shea Oliver: And what’s changed since you’ve done that? Inside of you what’s changed?

Lil Fresh Sam: Oh my gosh, everything. It’s been a 360 change. In the last two-three years, man I’ve grown so much I used to have a really toxic mindset, and it definitely weighed me down, and like I said I’ve 360 changed my mind, my how I everything, from the way I talked about myself, to you know what I do on a daily basis, and my routines and stuff. But yeah so I just think that I didn’t always know to listen to my heart you know I didn’t always know that I could listen to my heart, and now that I know that I can and that this is my  life and I feel like I can, and it’s great feeling and I want to give that to everyone.

Shea Oliver: Very, very, very cool so how did you get to the point where you learned to listen to you own heart?

Lil Fresh Sam: Well three things, well two things. Two of the worst things to ever happen to me in my life have definitively made me the greatest person that I can be so far, and I’m growing and getting better every day. Also, just knowing that it’s my life, you know, like I have to live it for the rest of my life so like why wouldn’t I do what I want to do you know?

Shea Oliver: Sure. Very cool, very cool.

Lil Fresh Sam: I guess you know knowing that we have a choice, that’s really it, like a lot of us don’t know that we have a choice but we do.

Shea Oliver: Very, very, very true. I completely agree with you. So, a couple last things. What’s the most important thing in life?

Lil Fresh Sam: Love and happiness and each other… like that sounds so hippie, and like cliché but that’s literally like I used to think that that was hippie and cliché and oh my gosh like what you know like now that I’ve been through so much in life and seen so much good and bad, and like been like the height of my career, and like the lowest of my career I’ve learned that no matter what like I remember coming home… I got I this quick… I remember coming after styling Iggy Azalea, and I was so pumped because this is like a big like was one of my big goals to do a magazine cover and it was a big celebrity whatever. And I like came home, and I like came home to nobody, like I came home, and I like sat on my couch in silence and like wasn’t able to share that excitement with anyone and it was like one of the worst feelings in my life. And that’s... that’s when I realized you know alongside of all the other things that have happened to me in my life that at the end of the day like if you don’t have people to celebrate, you  don’t have, you know, like money comes and goes that doesn’t matter, like it’s just a tool but like people connection, human connection and love and happiness what else is there you know peace of mind and like of you have those four things you are very fortunate.

Shea Oliver: Absolutely, indeed well thank you very much for that. That is absolutely awesome. I really appreciate you taking all this time to sit and chat with us. You know some day I may not get the chance you’re going to be such an amazing star in LA it’ll be difficult I have to figure out who your talent agent is to actually even get a message to you, and I do hope that comes for you. I hope t’s an amazingly even more successful road you’re on.

Lil Fresh Sam: Thank you.

Shea Oliver: So, I always end with one question and that question is what’s the one question that I forgot to ask you?

Lil Fresh Sam: That is a great question. Well, let me think. Well, you didn’t ask me what my passion was.

Shea Oliver: Ohhh! Well, what’s your passion?

Lil Fresh Sam: My passion is well so I’m working on my EPK right now and like this is something we’re including in it and my mission in life and passion is to heal and change the world through my passion, which is fashion.

Shea Oliver: Wow! That is fantastic and what’s the acronym you used? You’re working on your…

Lil Fresh Sam: EPK. it’s a press kit.

Shea Oliver: Ok. Just for people that aren’t familiar.

Lil Fresh Sam: It’s an electronic press kit. Something you send out to like people that are interested in booking you.

Shea Oliver: Sure, sure. Very cool, very cool that is absolutely fantastic. Well, thank you, thank you so much for spending this time today I’ve absolutely enjoyed our conversation and wish you nothing but the best in luck as you continue your story.

Lil Fresh Sam: Thank you. I really appreciate you having me here and asking all the most amazing questions.

Shea Oliver: Thank you.

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